Finished – SunSmart® Fast Fading® Photochromic – Poly Premium AR


SunSmart® Fast Fading® Photochromic – Polycarbonate Premium AR

Minus Powers:
Plano to -6.00 Sphere with -0.25 to -2.00 Cylinder

Plus Powers:
+0.25 to +4.00 Sphere with -0.25 to -2.00 Cylinder
  • Fast Fading and Fast Activation
  • Gray Color
  • Darker and Longer Lasting.
  • Protection from UV
  • Protection from blue light when dark
  • Premium Anti-Reflective Coating


  • 1.586 Index
  • 1.20 Specific Gravity
  • 31 Abbe Value

Get To Know Blue Block Products:

NOTE: This lens blocks blue light once darkened.

First you must understand the properties of blue light.  There is good/beneficial blue light; there is bad/harmful blue light.

Before testing the efficacy of our blue block or UV420+ lenses using a blue light tester pen, it is important to differentiate between good and bad blue light. While some blue light is beneficial for color perception and regulating our circadian rhythm, there is also harmful blue light that should be blocked. Unfortunately, many people mistakenly believe that all blue light is harmful.

It is also important to note that the wavelength of the laser pens used in testing is 405nm, which is closer to violet light and does not represent the harmful blue light we aim to block. Our blue block lenses are specifically designed to block harmful high energy blue light, while still allowing beneficial blue light to pass through. Whether using our standard blue block, or UV420+ , it is important to recognize that harmful blue light will be blocked while beneficial blue light will still be transmitted.

Our types of lenses aim to improve visual comfort and provide benefits in blocking harmful blue light. Depending on the needs of the lab or ECP, either option will be a good choice for people wanting to reduce the impact of harmful blue light.

Transitions® lenses block 20% of the harmful blue light indoors and 87% of the harmful blue light outdoors. Harmful blue light is calculated from 380 to 460nm range.  The balance that is not blocked is good or beneficial blue light.