How To Order?

  • You can order via Opticom. This is an online ordering site that allows you to place your lens orders for SOMO and other vendors all at one time. This is most accurate and trouble free way to order. And… It’s Free!
  • You can call in your orders. Keep your orders below 10 pairs. Toll Free (866)585-7666
  • You can fax in your order. Toll Free (877)282-7666 Just make sure to use one of our order sheets below to avoid confusion. Make sure to write legible and cross all the “T”s and dot all the “I”s.
  • When Faxing your orders, please adjust your redial settings. During peak hours, faxes are received in queue; increasing your redial settings assures that your fax will arrive.

Order Forms

Patient Order Form

Stock Finished Order Form

Semi-Finished Order Form