Hue Colorboost® Lenses

HUE Colorboost Lenses

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  • Enhances Reds, Greens and Blues
  • Blocks Yellow Light at 580nm
  • High Color Accuracy
  • 35% Larger Color Volume
  • Increased Depth Perception
  • Increased Color Contrast
  • Polarized and Non Polarized
  • Mirror Coating Available
  • Effective Backside AR Coating

3X Color Resolution and Comfort

Finished Colorboost® Plano Lenses

with Base Curves to match your frames:

Semi Finished Colorboost® Lenses

with Base Curves to add your RX:


  • Boosted Color Saturation and Vibrancy
  • Improved Depth Perception
  • Enhanced Contrast and Clarity
  • Reduced Glare and Haze

Low CRF Standard CRF High CRF

Color Resolution Factor(CRF) is a primary metric for color contrast. Colorboost provides high CRF. 35% larger color volume with Colorboost, providing detail and contrast to the above images.