Semi-Finished – SOMO EZ View Mini Aspheric-PAL


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Base Curves:
2.75, 4.75, 6.75, 7.75
+1.00 to +3.00(Quarter Diopter Steps)

SOMO EZ View Mini Progressive

  • Aspheric Design in All Regions
  • Wide Reading Zone is Comfortable in Near Zones
  • Asymmetry Design Provides Minimum Distortions
  • Multidesign was Developed into each Base Curve and Addition to provide Optimum Vision.
  • Distortion is Minimum
  • Corridor was Designed wide enabling fluid eye movement between focal zone.
  • Descentration is 3.0mm Optical Center(right or left) from the Geometric Center.
  • Fitting Height is a minimum of 16mm.


  • Aspheric Design
  • 1.586 Refractive Index
  • 1.20 Specific Gravity
  • 31 Abbe Value
  • 100% UV Protection at 380nm
  • Scratch-Resistant Hardcoat